~ Our Mission ~


Laying the Foundation for the  Re-imagined  World of Living Structures:

Learning to build in new, more efficient ways while abiding by and adhering to strict building codes as well influencing and encouraging HEMP friendlier codes along the way.,

By working this practical, versatile and efficient material evermore into our daily work and lives~   

Training subcontractors to be employed in positions such as Project Director, Job Site Manager, Materials Handling, Preparation and Storage, Equipment Operators, Journeymen., Etc.

This program will arm you with the knowledge and eventually the tools with which to manufacture a new world with your own hands and minds, a new world of multi dimensional Living Structures that accentuate the forces of nature, focusing beneficial, useful properties, incorporating them into our daily commodities to suit our needs, uses and desires~


Some examples are as follow: 

Patent Pending Protected Intellectual property.

ie: Taking into account the orientation of the proposed structural footprint and interlacing it at a basic structural level to work in union with the forces surrounding and acting upon the structure on a Daily, Monthly and Yearly basis., 

ie: By incorporating varying designed translucent surfaces engineered into the structure to take full advantage of sunlight year round, capitalizing on heat radiation, storage, transduction and~or transmission in the winter while limiting it's impact in the summer or focusing it where it is needed at your design discretion~

           Imagine a portion of your homes roof structure having a slightly translucent quality to it where some of the clarity of daylight is allowed to diffusely radiate into the interior, shaped in such a way that it follows the arc path of the sun through the sky in the Winter yet limiting it's angle of exposure in it's trajectory during the Summer Days~   

Passive Water Heating by structurally incorporating a passive~solar serpentine water circulation vein, conduit for water to flow through on it's way to a storage tank,

While in the heat transfer module comprised of a black interior framed box with a sun exposed clear or translucent surface wherein the serpentine bulk of the conduit is concentrated in a specific manner to accumulate heat within the structure and transfer it to the water within the conduit.,  

Passive Air Heating and Cooling by manipulation of circulation, Organized covering, uncovering of windows and ventilation surfaces actuated by way of hemp line and pulley or electric micro actuators or both~

Additionally but not necessary:

"Solar Photovoltaic Cells" (Solar Panels) as well as hybrid, combo Solar & Wind Systems, Inverter and Battery Bank for power storage~




Welcome to the future! 


Located in the Evergreen State.,

It is no shock that Hemp legalization and Cannabis as a whole has attracted so much attention and interest from as many different fields as one could imagine, 

One of the most valuable parts of the hemp plant is the core fiber, commonly referred to as "bast,” which is derived from the phloem and stalk of a plant.

Other fibers such as sisal, manila hemp and jute are mistakenly referred to as, hemp, yet only Cannabis is considered "true hemp." Among the characteristics of hemp fiber are it's superior strength and durability, and it's stunning resistance to rot, attributes that made hemp integral to the shipping industry. 

The strong, woody bast fiber is extracted from the stalk by
a process known as Decortication. Hemp fiber contains a low amount of lignin, the organic glue that binds plant cells, which allows for environmentally friendly bleaching without the use of chlorine.

In composite form, hemp is twice as strong as wood, and All products made with hemp fiber are biodegradable.

Long Fiber is extracted from the bark of the stalk, this type of fiber is called "long" because it stretches the entire length of the plant.

The length of the fiber enhances the strength and durability of the finished goods.

Hemp can grow to 15 feet or more, making it excellent for textile production. Hemp is most similar to flax, the fiber of linen products. By contrast, cotton fibers are approximately 1-2 mm in length and are prone to faster wear.

Hemp fiber also has insulative qualities that allow clothing wearers to stay cool in Summer and warm in the Winter.

Long hemp fiber is used in twine, cordage, textiles, paper, webbing and household goods.,

Not to mention the amazing health benefits of it's byproduct, and viability as a sustainable, renewable Super-Food:

~Hemp Flour~

  1. Gluten, wheat and grain free, so it’s safe for those fighting with Coealiac disease and gluten intolerance.

  2. very nutritious, including 5.6% essential fatty acid: Omega 3 (good for cardiovascular health) , Omega 6 (brain functioning, bone health, metabolism), and GLA– gamma linolenic acid.

  3. source of amino acids including the 9 essential amino acids which our bodies cannot produce.

  4. Lots of fiber: necessary for the well functioning of digestive system. Makes you feel full longer.

  5. full of protein: Hemp flour is 33% protein.

  6. rich in minerals: magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine.

  7. Vitamin E: antioxidant (necessary for cancer prevention).

  • At ONE~OAK~PNW we aim to project & impress on our Partners & Clients alike the incredible properties & numerous uses of this plant as an Essential, Integral building material which must be taken into account & all other competing Materials, Methods & Techniques need be put to the test & very likely, ultimately in part or wholly enhanced or replaced by the vastly more efficient & versatile fibers & composite products of Industrial Hemp. 

Paul, Larry, Bonny, Juanita (1).jpg

Lazaro R. Molano, Founder~

Founder, President of ONE~OAK~PNW, Venture Capitalist, Network Executive Director- Market Research Analyst, Intellectual Proprietor / Inventor.,

Partner Member of the National Hemp Association & Industrial Hemp Association of Washington.

Juana M. Cabrera.JPG

 Juana M. Cabrera, V.C. Network Executive - Market Analyst~

Network Executive, Senior Director with Stream Services, Market Analyst and Venture Capitalist, our Foreign Affairs and Latin~Hispanic~American Communications in house private Agent, Director of Foreign Correspondence with Spanish speaking Clients, Partners and Members~  

Charming, highly functional, hyper aware, Loving Crazy-person! 

View her services at montsinai.mystream.com

Bonny Jo Peterson _ Lobbyist.pdf-2.JPG

Bonny Jo Peterson, Entrepreneur & Lobbyist~

Lobbyist, President and Founder of the Industrial Hemp Association of WA. at Ihempawa.com., and EPOCH~HEMP at Hemphobby.com

Sharing a personal and professional interest in Industrial Hemp as a viable agricultural crop for WA State through the W.S.D.A Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program.

Mrs. Peterson is also in the process of obtaining licenses to grow hemp to conduct extensive agricultural research~