Proposed Structures


Front View of Main Structure,

West facing


~Rear of Main Structure,

East facing


Adjacent Building Structure

East end of Property


                           Aerial View of Proposed Property

  • M.J. Producer Processor Operations in Washington~

Producers of Marujana products ~ Type, 1, 2, and 3 equivalent to the scale and size of the operation! -

Industrial hemp processors are not reflected because there are currently none in the state of WA, we plan to commence operations within the next 12 months.

At the moment we are geared to execute our plan to start operations as the first Industrial Hemp Processor in the state of WA, Certified and Licensed to Grow, Harvest, Process and Produce Industrial Hemp products.

We plan to offer our processor services to numerous local industrial hemp farmers whom have both an interest and a need in our contract services as all hemp grown in the state of Washington the past 2 years has had to be cured and stored in it's raw material natural constituted form, and are desperately networking to find a logistically sound solution., enter: ONE~OAK~PNW 


Ntional Hemp Association ~ ONE.OAK.PNW ~ Membership.JPG
Certificate of Formation UBI# 604 267 732.JPG

This coming week we will also have available for your information, the agricultural and Industrial Hemp Research licenses under which the company will be operating,.

We are working with experts on the field of industrial structures and formats to formulate a well established Plan and Layout for our Primary Mill Facility!


To begin operations this December~ 


West most part of the Evergreen State


On the Foothills of the Olympic National Parks


~One Of A Kind * Pacific North West~