We are in exclusive possession of Patent Pending, Protected Intellectual Property, encompassing unique compositions, methods and techniques for the manufacture of various Hemp based products to be used in the construction of new Experimental, Multidimensional Structures, Ergonomic, Naturally Balanced and Efficiency Leveraging designs~


We plan to share our tried and tested methods, proven practices and designs Commencing in 2019 in Partnership with local Hemp Processors~


Champion materials producer McKinley Paper products expected by December of this year to finalize retooling of their newly acquired Port Angeles, WA mill for the processing of hemp into it's various usable forms, as well as finished products~


This effort will once and for all put Hemp and Hemp Composite Industrial products and materials on solid root-friendly ground, Driving forward the reimagined world of Living, Breathing, Healing structures we as Humans depend on, are capable of conceiving and deserve, 




As long ago as 450 BC the Scythians and Thracians made hemp linens, The Chinese first used hemp for paper making in 100 AD and Hempen sails, caulking and rigging launched a thousand ships during the Age of Discovery in the 15th Century~

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The USDA calculated in 1914 that hemp hurd could make four times as much paper per acre as trees~

Drafts of the American Declaration of Independence were printed on rag papers that undoubtedly contained hemp~

Hemp was a crop that built our nation,” said Mike Lewis, director of the Growing Warriors Project.

Betsy Ross’ first American Flag was made of hemp, We have flags made in China now, That’s almost sacrilegious."

Lewis founded the Growing Warriors Project to give disabled veterans an opportunity to farm hemp.

The group produced over 200 hemp Flags in 2016,

One of those Flags was raised above the Capitol building as part of a Veterans Day celebration~

Hemp Fiber Composite Structures & Hempcrete. 

Hemp Hurd also known as shives, is the woody material found in the center of the hemp stalk. The hurd is rich in cellulose, a carbohydrate that can be made into paper, packaging and building materials, as well as plastic composites for making skate boards and auto bodies~


Hemp.Concrete is a combination of chopped hemp shiv and binder comprising of natural hydraulic lime and a small amount of cement or aggregate composite~


It is firm and self insulating


  • Hempcrete is suitable for uses such as timber frame infill.
  • insulation and, with the addition of aggregate or compossites, floor slabs.
  • Hemp is a renewable biomaterial and lime is an abundant quarried material.
  • Hempcrete regulates the temperature and humidity of a building; in some cases completely eliminating the need for heating and cooling systems, resulting in huge energy savings.
  • Hempcrete is carbon negative and the obvious choice for buildings aiming to achieve a low carbon footprint and the highest sustainable building code levels.
  • The carbon trapped in the hemp offsets the carbon not only of the hemp production but also the residual carbon from the lime production after re-absorption of carbon as the lime cures.
  • Being breathable, hempcrete is ideal for use in historic buildings and modern buildings using natural materials.
  • Breathable buildings bring benefits for the health and comfort of the occupants~

Preparation, Fabrication & Installation:

  • Walls as Timber frame infill
  • Insulation
  • Augmented Application, Multi Function, Hemp Composite Roofing Materials. 
  • Floor slabs and/or Modular Assembly Floor Segments

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Alternative Alterations to Existing Structures:

  • Hemp Based Insulation retrofitting against existing walls
  • Reconstitution, Restructuring, Reinforcing and Repurposing of damaged / weathered existing structures.
  • (subject to viability conditions of existing structure)   

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