We are primarily a Networking & Investment Platform for an international group of Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Visionaries hoping to champion a new Industrial Revolution based on hemp industrial fibers and composites.,

To help maximize the overall quality of health and life that future hemp based, natural & balanced, Living Structures & Dwellings, Sanctuaries & Homes will by design provide.

We are currently working with many talented Architects, Engineers, Designers & Industry Leaders in construction and technology sectors,

Formulating new, stronger, more cost effective & efficient materials, fiber reinforced compositions, methods & techniques,

All of our efforts are projected to support and stimulate the mass production of many Hemp Based products to be used in the construction of re-imagined architecture projects,

Multidimensional Structures that are more Alive and Interactive, Ergonomic and Naturally Balanced, all possible with Natural Hemp Fiber Composites & Efficiency Leveraging Materials & Designs~

With our collective efforts we hope to once and for all put Hemp and hemp composite industrial products and materials on solid grounds, driving us forward onto the re-imagined world of Living, Breathing, Healing structures our humanity relies & depends on, the future we are capable of conceiving and deserve., REAL


~As long ago as 450 BC Ancient Civilizations have been known to make hemp linens & many different types of woven fabrics from Natural Hemp

The Chinese first used hemp for paper making in 100 AD…

Most notably Hempen sails, caulking & rigging launched thousands of ships during the Age of Discovery in the 15th Century and Beyond~

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Hemp Fiber Composite Structures & Hempcrete Construction. 

Hemp Hurd also known as shives, is the woody material found in the center of the hemp stalk. The hurd is rich in cellulose, a carbohydrate that can be made into paper, packaging and building materials, as well as plastic composites for making skate boards and auto bodies~

Hemp.Concrete is a combination of chopped hemp shiv and binder comprising of natural hydraulic lime and a small amount of cement or aggregate composite~


It is firm and self insulating

  • Hempcrete is suitable for uses such as timber frame infill.

  • insulation and, with the addition of aggregate or compossites, floor slabs.

  • Hemp is a renewable biomaterial and lime is an abundant quarried material.

  • Hempcrete regulates the temperature and humidity of a building; in some cases completely eliminating the need for heating and cooling systems, resulting in huge energy savings.

  • Hempcrete is carbon negative and the obvious choice for buildings aiming to achieve a low carbon footprint and the highest sustainable building code levels.

  • The carbon trapped in the hemp offsets the carbon not only of the hemp production but also the residual carbon from the lime production after re-absorption of carbon as the lime cures.

  • Being breathable, hempcrete is ideal for use in historic buildings and modern buildings using natural materials.

  • Breathable buildings bring benefits for the health and comfort of the occupants~